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Open Source

Open Source projects I work on:

  • adobe_case_sensitive_volumes (BitBucket)

    This is a project to allow you to install Photoshop and other Adobe CS 5.5 applications on a system that has a case sensitive root file system

  • airties-stb (BitBucket)

    Information and images for running custom linux builds on AirTies 7124 (and other?) devices.

  • arduino_rfid_controller (BitBucket)

    Super simple RFID controller to control one door using a wiegand protocol compatible RFID reader.

  • brain_grapher (BitBucket)

  • CADI (BitBucket)

    CivicApps Data Installer (CADI) is intended for the use of other developers. It helps you work with data available on the website by download, extracting, and parsing the data into a local spatially enabled sqlite database. It is also very easy to then dump the sqlite db into some other spatial db engine - Oracle, PostGIS, etc. The goal is to assist anyone who wants to work with the data in getting into a format they can work with. By putting it in an sqlite database, almost any language can be easily supported. It currently supports about 10 datasets, with a goal of supporting all shapefile and CSV based datasets. It also supports plugins, to allow easily adding more datasets of any type.

  • freshangel (BitBucket)

    The newest companies on

  • jplayer4phonegap (BitBucket)

    phongap compatible jplayer using Media API

  • meebl (BitBucket)

  • MobileSaver (BitBucket)

    An advanced filtering proxy (aka, scraper) to allow mobile browsers to utilize VistaShare's Outcome Tracker Individual Development Account portal. License: AGPL

  • openpli-oe (BitBucket)

    OpenPLi OpenEmbedded clone

  • postgresql84-server-compat (BitBucket)

    Compatibility package for CentOS 6 and OpenGeo Centos 5 postgresql packages.

  • ps3mediaserver (BitBucket)

    Fork of the PS3 Media Server project. Tracks trunk, but applies patches as submitted in the issues forum. Also concentrates on making it run well on Windows 7 and OSX, and planning on using as the service wrapper.

  • pygmeventlib (BitBucket)

    Google Mail XMPP event library. Allows you to recieve instant notification of new Gmail messages, and provides a hook to perform actions based on the event.

  • QUS (BitBucket)

    A Query Based Dynamic DNS Update Service

  • SimpleCoordinateConverter (BitBucket)

    A command line tool to append lat/lon coordinates to each line in a CSV file that contains Oregon State Plane North (HARN Intl Foot) x/y values. This tool utilizes the Dotspatial.Projection library.

  • sql-cli (BitBucket)

    Command line SQL client acting as an open source replacement for osql.exe - plus more

  • wb-gada (BitBucket)

    World Bank Group Against Domestic Violence Mobile App

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