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Mobile Portland Slides Spotlighted on

Mobile Portland Group's Slideshare.Net slides have been spotlighted on the front page of

My iPhone Development presentation slideshow:


dnsEditor: Ajaxified Update

Thanks to Quintin at, dnsEditor now supports Batch adding of zones, zone defaults, and some extra configuration options.

- Now has "Click to Edit" instead of empty fields
- Configuration option to hide the "update servers" button
- Batch add zones
- Zone field defaults, for multiple or single A, MX, CNAME, TXT, etc records to be created automatically in a new zone



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EMET: subModal

Even More Enhancements to subModal:

subModal is a nice, simple, javascript lightbox script that uses iframes. It is quite useful, especially after enhancements done by Todd Huss (Enhancements to subModal).
Two annoying things about it are that it modifies the history of our browser, and that the loading indicators go away to early. Attached is a simply replacements for it, that is drop in except that instead of settings the "loader.html" file, you need to set the "loader.gif" file.
The code is pretty self explanatory, and you can see a demo by clicking the "Map" icon at Kent Price Realty.

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GreaseMonkey SmugMug Browser

A Browser for SmugMug Galleries, because SmugMug uses incrementing gallery ids

This will add a small div in the top right corner of your screen when on SmugMug. You can then click the Previous and Next links on that div to go to the next or previous gallery, based on the id.
Because of how SmugMug works, this will let you view non-password-protected private galleries... have fun!
You can either get it from or the code itself is after the break.


Small iPhoneFS update

just a quick note that iPhoneFS has been updated to use the new WinFUSE libraries. The disk access is a bit quicker, and more stable. Still no write support though - sorry!
There is a new download for it located on the homepage, or you can update through SVN.

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Stumbler – Mobile Stumbler for the iPhone

pumpkin and I - of iphone-wireless - have coded up the first Stumbler application for the iPhone. If you want to check it out, visit us at


Stumbler Screenshot 1
Stumbler Screenshot 2

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iPhoneFS – new name, new site

Just a quick note - I have started a google project for the iPhoneDrive/iPhoneExplorer software - it has been renamed iPhoneFS, and both the code and sources are available for download.

New URL is:

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iPhoneDrive *Super Alpha*

new google code project page at

Ok, just got done with getting this to the point it mostly works.
Files are at

Simple instructions:
unzip, run iPhoneDriveControl.exe.
A messagebox will pop up, asking for the location of iTunesMobileDevice.
Select the file, hit ok.
The program will start.
Ignore all the german scrolling in the trace window - the is alpha goddammit.
When it runs, it will find the next available drive letter.
The drive letter will be printed to the Trace window.
The drive letter will be mapped to the phone's filesystem.
Now you can use Windows Explorer or the command line, makes no diff.

Feel free to submit bugs, but I know there are lots, it is an alpha.

Also, this works just fine on unhacked phones, it will just show your jail root.

For windows obviously, though it might be ported to linux under mono.

If anyone wants to work on the source with me, and knows C#, let me know through comments or email.
I have a svn repo, and you can submit patches or I can give access.

Right now this is semi closed source, but should eventually be released under the GPLv3.
Specifically the CIFS server implementation is not open source yet, and isn't mine, though the auther keeps saying he might make open source soon.

Once I get the bugs worked out, it will run as a windows service, so you have the drive whenever you plug in your iPhone.

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Getting SLB+NAT working on an Alteon AD3

Well, we have been trying to get our Alteon AD3 (Ace Director 3) to do both SLB and NAT at the same time, which is amazingly difficult. At any we finally got it working. Check it out: