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PDX Hackerspace is a reality

We've finally managed to find space (and get together the money) to start a Portland Hackerspace!

Check it out at


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Mobile Portland Group's Slideshare.Net slides have been spotlighted on the front page of

My iPhone Development presentation slideshow:


Syncro Editing for BarCamp Portland 2008

I'm running both a Gobby Server (Sobby) and MoonEdit server this year for session notes and the like. Both these programs allow you to synchronously edit a document, among multiple users at once. I'm also saving all the documents on my server, and will clean them up and post them at the end of BarCamp Portland 2008.

  • The password for either is bcp2008
  • Gobby Server:
  • MoonEdit Server:

Gobby (

  • Open Source, and Free
  • Available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and OSX.
  • Windows Binaries are on the web site
  • Linux users install via Apt or RPM
  • Mac users can find it in MacPorts

MoonEdit (

  • Free, but not open source
  • Available for Linux and Windows
  • Binaries for both platforms are available on web site

BarCampPortland 2007 – Visual Communication of Information

Information Visualization

Types of information to display
- Calendars
- time lines
- presentation
- geographical mapping
- mapping social networks

The japanese are famous for coming to a presentation with one slide with lots
of stuff on it. And spend the hour explaning it.

Teds Talks - Gap Minder -

Visual thesaurus - Making it dynamic

Animate a series of snapshots over time.

the context of information is important.

Shopping by color -

measuring the health of the community as a fish tank:
Clarity of the water
number of bubbles
which fish

arthur brock fishtank

think Geek usb bunny ? nabaztag: the wifi enabled "ambient" bunny

Way finding

Book: "Way Finding"

Presentation of Dashboards

Fishtank is a form of dashboards

Different metaphors
- using colors as a measurment
- mapping network into Doom
- mapping network into sounds of the country (birds + water )

read more poetry

The icons on the OLPC laptop are incomprehensible. the bike warnings by the streetcar tracks are uneqivocal...

people in general do not make leaps to understanding things - jean

Discussions about cross-cultural icons.

What is the thing that makes meaning? What is the picture that makes people
see the meaning of the image.

dialogue mapping
compendium is the tool for diagramming the oure of a conversation

Visual Search engine - each article has a sidebar with contextual links - interactive network visualization of the connections between the boards of directors of major corporations

James Burke - Connections
Tell a story to align the relationships between the facts.

yahoo vs google as presentation metaphores.


GraphViz -
compendium -


Visual Thinking by Robert Horne

From the pibb session:

I have a moonedit of InformationVisualization going

Saturday, May 12, 2007 5:22:30 PM

Visualize... or search?
Everyone's bringing their own take on visualization:
...some with social networking tag clouds...
...some with literal, geographic maps....
...some with novel "search by color" (
Folks mentioned Hans Rosling's data visualization video. "Worth the 20 minutes" seems to be the verdict.

Saturday, May 12, 2007 5:24:12 PM

visualization of information -;,

Saturday, May 12, 2007 5:24:22 PM

Someone's finally mentioned Tufte.

Saturday, May 12, 2007 5:24:48 PM

/me idly wonders if Brian Ellin is watching this thread. he'd be interested.

Saturday, May 12, 2007 5:25:10 PM

Fish tank to vlsualize health care

Saturday, May 12, 2007 5:26:11 PM


Saturday, May 12, 2007 5:27:49 PM

Someone mentioned the "USB bunny;" I think they meant the Nabaztag (
Oops -- the auto-formatter sucked in the punctuation -- should be
Nature sounds as server background noise
"Doom" interface as network diagram. Demons == daemons?!? When you kill a process, you _really_ kill a process!
"Reducing the cognitive blow"

Saturday, May 12, 2007 5:34:05 PM

Pictograms are more cross-cultural than icons

Saturday, May 12, 2007 5:36:32 PM

"People in general do not make leaps in understanding things." --Jean

Notes by John Sechrest and Nathan Young


BarCampPortland 2007 – Redundancy and Load Balancing




- ucarp
- fires virtual ip up/down
- takes a couple seconds
- dead simple

- does not always fail over properly


- looking at adding support for mod_perl for scripting





- cannot add and remove nodes at runtime
- only 254 nodes (clients or data sources) - hard limit




BarCampPortland 2007 – Open Hardware Design

People doing Open Hardware:
Google Summer of Code

- Slow, but parallel, and cheap
- 10 Million press cost, but that is for 1 Billion transitors
- Can buy a small peice of press

Misc Notes:
PSU has a lot of open hardware available from their Rocket division.
- Open GPS modules
- 80211 rocket telemetry - cylidrical patch microwave patch antennas
- show up at an aerospace meeting



BarCampPortland 2007 – Network Weavers Network

Session Leader: Steve Habib-Rose

Neighbor Nets, the concept of weaving networks between neighbors at a local level.

Gracious Space

Network weaving

Social Network analysis - What is more successful, resiliant, more powerful.
Mapping networks - taking a snapshot of the health of a social network.
How do we distribute systems in a way to make it thrive.
Weaving is being more intentional in doing that process.

A Group connected to the Emerging Futures network thought that they might
be able to learn from each other, and how to be better how to do it.

Community of people who like to build communities.

Discussion list
NetworkWeaver is the the Tag

NetworkWeaversGuild - profession of Network Weaving
Reputation system
health care

Emerging futures network is a group that want to grow the field of social change
Using NetworkWeaving as a way to drive the conversation.
Field Maintenance Authority

Supporting some of the allied efforts like:
OGuild -
Targeted Currencies network
Omidyar network for $15,000

Currencies are anything that incentivize a flow.
Monetary currencies are a subset.

Flow has movement.

Functions/metrics based on numbers often are used as repuation, but they don't
have very much meaning.

Quality relationships can support relationships between two different people who
don't know each other.


The big advance of Linked-In is that they guard the permission to connect closely.

Local Organizing and the Panetary Brain

How do you communicate knowlege among people?


Regular meetings
20th and
2nd and 3rd thursday of the month

who is here
Steve Neighorn
Todd kenefsky
john Sechrest
Geoffry Burling

Barry Amison (sp)
Ben Kaplan - Oregonian
Brad Upchurch - 3d Design, video production
Steve Habib-Rose
Jean Russell

Notes by John Sechrest


BarCampPortland 2007 – Intro To Haskell

Session Leader: Bart Massey

Bart Massey
Donnie Berkholz
John Sechrest
tim Bauman
Tim Savard
Jesse Hallett
Haven Hash
Maurice Dodik
Phil Tomson
Sam Keen

What is haskell? And why should I care?

Bart thinks that Haskell is the next big thing.

Why? isn't C++ enough for anything?

Haskell is a functional programming language.

We build pieces that are so modular, so that mix and match is trivial.

What do you give up?
-Global Variables...
- Variables all together....

What is the difference between a name for a value vs a variable?
Variable is the mapping from a name to a location.
There is no location in haskell

In trade, you get modularity.


interactive , incrementally compiled language

It does static type checking.

no type declarations. The program guesses the type.

Open source community has adopted Haskell.

Haskell programming can be harder , because the lack of variables.
Indentation does matter
No brackets
Not end markers
it is case senstive
it does lazy evaluation
you can do type annotation

emacs count.hs

main = do
printCount 10

printCount 1 = putStrLn 1
PrintCount n = do
putStrLn (show n)
printCount ( n - 1 )

gch count.hs

[1,2,3] A list - First class objects
head [1,2,3]
tail [1,2,3]
let count x = x: ( count (x + 1) )

let y = count (1)

head y => 1
take 3 y => [1,2,3]

tail y => infinite list

Is there a way to track what code is run.
there is a profiler

Haskell is 15 years old.

How does haskell performance work
Ocamel ?

As a matter of practice 2-200 Times slower than C.

Language shootout

Darcs is a source code control in haskell

WASH - Web in haskell

web apps in haskell

you get concurrency for free

tile :: Int -> Int -> [a] -> [[a]]

Tile _ _ [] = []

tile n o s =
let cur = take n s
rest = drop ( n - o ) s in
cur : ( tile n o rest)

peak s = ( maximum . map abs . map avg . tile 3 2 ) s

. means composition

Guarded patterns
Lambda calculus
Y combinator -> The function that expresses recursion as a foundation.

If you know ML , it does help.

A program you want to write quickly
pretty sure it is right the first time
get reasonable performance
Access to an active programming community


Notes By John Sechrest


BarCampPortland 2007 – Business 101 For Geeks

Session Leader: Carl Johnson

Who is here:

Marissa Anderson
John Sechrest
Keith Loffstrom
David Simmons
Mike Wills
Donnie Burkhold
Hans Friedrich
Lavonne Reimer
Todd Kenefsky
Carl Johnson
Ethan Selfridge
Mubashir Cheena
Andy Grover

How did you hear about things you needed to know:
* Personal experience

How many people do data driven decision making?
* How many use "usage data"? Yes
* Take it based on user groups
* User surveys need to be personal, clear on purpose of survey/contact

What are some big concerns in growing a business?
* Product improvement
* Payroll
* Building community among customers

Writing a business plan
* How formal is the process?
* Exploring the difference between staying small and doing "big stuff"

How do you learn what you need to learn to start a business?
* Get feedback about name, branding
* What is the audience going to be?
* Have a longer-term direction early on in the process -- this is a chicken/egg problem
* Geeks envision deep technical skills as a business attractor, but innovation is not necessarily foremost in the market. "The devil you know" has some value
* Difference between lifestyle business and a market-oriented business -- scalability; lifestyle business is tied up in the employee(s)

How to change from a lifestyle consulting business to a less personal business model?
* Lifestyle business -- revenue is based on the skills of the person(s)
* Lifestyle is more flexible, finger on the pulse of the industry
* Sticking to one thing can go obsolete in a few years

Habits for a large business do not scale to a small business!
* need to know every day how much cash you have, and don't waste it!
* set up a regular pattern of money management

Corvallis Business arc:
* Local SAO Pubtalk conversations
* Entrepreneur Forum - tech brainstorm
* SWOT Business Facilitation -
* Angel Investors Network
* Business Enterprise Center
* Local business clusters (E-tailing, Relocalization, High Tech, ... )

Business choices:
* Lifestyle vs "real business"

Where are the War Stories about things told
* CEO Roundtable

Can it be done virtually?

I would love to see a database of business plans.

Where can I find a good business plan?

* Researchers guide to commercialization

Notes by Marissa Anderson and John Sechrest


BarCampPortland 2007 – Building Your Business with Drupal

Drupal Portland Group

Drupal sites

Drupal modules
* CCK+views
* User Node

Drupal Issues:
* Easy to set up
* Harder to maintain.

Notes by John Sechrest