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Pocky: CakePHP on a Stick

I've managed to put together a Lighttpd+PHP+CakePHP environment neutral package for windows.

It is actually very simple, my package has a control script, a couple batch files, and some template configuration files. When you start Pocky, it will look in the "sites" directory for cakephp directories (each directory in the sites directory should contain a complete cakephp package), and ask you to choose which one to run. You pick the correct one, and it will take the template config files, spit them out into the lighttpd and php directories with the correct absolute paths for where the files currently are, and then start lighttpd.

You can unzip it anywhere, and run - it does not affect your current windows environment, and is entirely self-contained. (I specifically use it for running my dev environment from a usb stick, since the usb stick never has the same drive letter, and I needed something that didn’t care if it was in a specific directory).
I would love some of the people who need something like CupCake, but for windows, to try it out and give me feedback.

There are two packages, the basic and the complete.

Basic is just the control scripts and directory structure, you have to drop the Lighttpd and PHP binaries into the lighttpd and php subfolders, respectively (see the README.TXT in the requirements folder).

Complete has everything basic has, but already has the lighttpd and php binaries in the right folders, and is 100% ready to run. Complete currently uses Kevin Worthington's Lighttpd 1.4.11 binaries, and the binary zip package of PHP 5.1.6

Have fun, and comments are always welcome

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  1. Waow, impressive ! I gonna try it and I’ll give you some feedback as soon as possible.

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