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AngelList Newest Startups dashboard

Put together a quick hack to display the newest (claimed) startups on AngelList using the angel list api - this lets you see the newest startups as they are created - which hopefully means you see the coolest things as they come into existence:

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  1. Very cool. You should tweet about it so we can retweet you. =)

  2. Nice! Are you open-sourcing your code, so we can use and customize it?

    Would be nice to be able to also see the valuation & revenue numbers, though I believe we’d have to add oauth, as you must be logged in to AL to get the numbers.

  3. Ken, it’s a jshell fiddle, so of course you can see the code! just remove “show” from the link, and you get to fiddle with it:

    There has been enough interest that I’ll probably take it off of jshell and put it on a more robust system – which will also allow me to do server side caching, so you can see more than just the most recent few. If I do, I’ll redirect the jshell link to the new site.

  4. Are we free to use the code on our own site? Thank you.

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