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Legal: Did You Know? Your wages must be paid the day you quit!

While reading through Court of Appeals decisions today, I came across one that talked about an Oregon employment law I wasn't aware of (surprise, surprise, right?).

The case is KAY RUSSELL v. U. S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, and the law in question is ORS 652.150.

The law essentially requires that all wages owed to the employee be paid the same day that an employee quits - and imposes penalties if this is not done. In most cases, the penalty is capped at 100% of the wages owed, but not always. The law is actually quite simple - the penalties are calculated as you working 8 hours per day, at your past wage, until the day you are paid. As a small additional note, " ... payment occurs on the date the employer delivers the payment to the employee or sends the payment by first class mail, express mail or courier service".

Now you know!

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  1. As far as I know, final paychecks work as follows:

    Fired = Check due by end of next business day

    Quit >48hrs notice = Check due by end of last working day

    Quit <48hrs notice = Check due within 5 days, or next payday, whichever comes first


    (And thanks for the unpaid wage info. Good stuff!)

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