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CivicApps Hackathon – Mobile Apps for Education

Quite a productive event at P.I.E. today, with two very interesting applications being built.

The first is a team SMS application for teachers to send text messages to all their students. It still has some major feature enhancements on the way, including an administration layer for school administration to send out an SMS to all students using the service, but it was working - and a cool demo it was too! You can check it out at

The second app, which I worked on with a team of 5-6 others, is a youth activities calendar aggregator based on the calagator platform. It is intended to be a single place to not only post events (and import events from other sources), but only a resource for posting jobs that are targeted at youth. It is currently fully up and ready to use, and formatted for ease of use on mobile devices, but future improvements include event list exportation in multiple formats, multiple themes - each targeted at a difference type of client device, and possibly event reminders. It is currently at I personally don't like the name, so taking suggestions!

TheStreamPDX was chosen as the day's "winner", and we (the team behind it) will be receiving a Web Visionaries Award.

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